Services And Specials

Services And Specials

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Preventative Care

– Fluid flushes, drain, and fill
– Belts
– Tune-ups
– Hoses
– Timing belts

Oil Changes

Conventional and synthetic oil changes available. Includes 15 point inspection, check tire pressure, top off fluids.

Heating and Cooling

– AC system diagnostics and repair
– Coolant service
– Blend door actuators
– Thermostats

4-Wheel Alignment

State-of-the-art –wheel, 4-head computer used in all alignments.


Electrical system diagnostics and repair
– Battery and charging system diagnostics and repair
– Door lock actuators
– Window motors
– Seat motors
– Interior/exterior lights


– Mount and balance tires
– Tire rotation
– Computerized spin balance
– Tire repair (patch)

Brake Repair

– Brake pads
– Brake shoes
– Resurface rotors
– Brake hardware kits
– Brake lines and hoses
– Master cylinder
– Fluid flush
– ABS system (speed sensors diagnostic and repair

Computer Diagnostics

– Check engine lights
– Drivability concerns
– Misfires
– Poor fuel economy
– Electronic component failure

Steering / Suspension

– Shocks
– Struts
– Steering linkage
– Ball Joints
– Power Steering rack and pinions
– Control arms

Transmission- Manual and automatic transmission replacement

– Clutch service (Manual)
– Manual/automatic transmission service
– Axle shafts
– Wheel bearings


Car Maintenance Classes
Periodic classes to assist customers in learning more about their cars, what to check, and what to ask mechanics.

Shuttle Service Within 5-mile radius
Shuttle service is free to and from the shop within a five-mile radius. If outside of that range, just call and ask to see if we can work transportation out.

Nationwide Certified Auto Repair Shop Warranty
12 month/ 12,000-mile coast-to-coast nationwide coverage on most services (speak with your automotive professional regarding exclusions).